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Landscaping & Pruning Services

With more than 20 years of industry experience, our team has acquired a good knowledge of the Kelowna climate and the flora that thrives here. We love to design and provide our expertise in landscape design as well as general yard maintenance.


  • Lawn Care
  • Seeding and Top Dressing
  • Sod Installation & Repair
  • Power Raking
  • Fertilizing & Mulch Work
  • Flower Pot Design
  • Garden & Bed Design
  • Pathways
  • Small Rock Work
  • Small Retaining Walls
  • Small Water Features & Ponds


  • Snow Damaged Trees
  • Cedar Hedge Repair
  • Shrub Tree Planting
  • Small Tree Removal
  • Landscape Designing
  • Artistically Shaping Trees
  • Artistically Shrubs
  • Ornamental Tree Pruning
  • Fruit Tree Pruning
  • Year Round Small Tree Pruning
  • Brush Clearing

Other Services

We are always available to discuss your particular outdoor requirements. Contact us today today to start a conversation.

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Our Work

With 20 + years in the business, Brandford Pruning & Maintenance has a lot of projects under its belt. Check out some of our favourites below, or click to our portfolio page for more examples of our work.


From lawn care to garden beds, rock walls and water features, we offer a wide selection of landscaping services to perfectly showcase your outdoor space.


Whether you are looking for artistic shrubs, privacy hedges or tree repair/removal, we have a pruning service to suit the job.


We are proud of our work, and are pleased to provide some examples of past landscape and pruning projects here.

Gardening Installations

Garden installation is one of the creative and enjoyable parts of most projects. It adds such a variety of plant material and features giving every garden installation a distinct feel.

We work with different varieties, sizes, textures, and colours to achieve different garden styles. We also look at the cultural requirements of each plant to make sure that plants will do well in the varying conditions on the site.


The best time to trim and prune many shrubs and trees is in the late winter or early spring, before they start to grow. Pruning includes shaping, thinning out and illuminating deadwood or infected branches. Regular pruning can help keep plants, trees and shrubs healthy for years to come. Plants vary in maintenance and pruning requirements. Some plant varietals require shaping, training regrowth, copying and pollarding pruning methods. After plants have been pruned, and right technique applied,  it can assist in the growth of strong roots, ensuring resilience against harsh climate conditions. Trimming or tree pruning can also help improve growth and development.


There is nothing quite like a natural stone pathway, wall, or rock garden feature to highlight a beautiful garden. We can use a variety of natural stones to achieve the correct texture, pattern, colour or size desired by you.


Transform your ordinary landscaping into a work of art with BPM landscaping experts. We will plant material and other organics to give your garden a natural look. What’s included: Garden design, garden installation, grass installation,  landscaping installation, weed control, mulching and any other related materials or services.

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